Containerized Fire Fighting Pump

Containerized Firefighting Pump

We offer simplest single pump system to the most complex multi-pump system with containerized enclosures or custom-built pump souse.

Our complete solution to your firefighting requirements through fully packaged pumping system.



  • Bristol packaged pump house supplied with fire-rated or fire-retardant enclosures. Fully weather-proof based on specific customer requirement
  • Highly engineered and constructed in accordance with NFPA 20
  • Our dedicated engineering team design packages to every project specifications and requirements following to international standards
  • Bristol cost competitive containerized fire systems save the space and time as they are engineered to fit specific areas. Power and pipe connections are to be made at the site and the system will be ready to use
  • Bristol containerized fire systems are factory tested as per stringent international standards
  • Single responsibility for complete pump house
  • All parts are designed based on ergonomics for ease of access for all instruments, valves, fittings etc
  • Floors are coated with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) lining to make it durable, waterproof so it will be long lasting
  • Inside, walls and roofs are provided with sandwich panels (PIR/PU/Rockwool/Honeycomb) based on specific requirements
  • These sets are supplied with complete electrical connections and piping’s which includes suction line, discharge line, test line, PRV line, sensing line, fuel inlet and outlet, pump drain, sensing line drain, engine drain, CRV drain etc


Operating Range:

Flow: up to 5500 GPM

Pressure: 40Mtr to 200Mtr


UL/FM Listed Range:

Flow: up to 3000 GPM

Pressure: 40Mtr to 200Mtr



Select the option that matches your requirements.